The Pottery Shed

The Pottery Shed is in Frampton Cotterell – 8 Miles from the centre of Bristol and 3 Miles from Bradley Stoke.

At Brenda’s Pottery Shed you are able to come and chill out after a long stressful day at work and experience the therapeutic effects working with clay will have on you. Here at my Pottery Studio, you will be able to make anything you want, in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Kiln is the Heart of any Pottery Studio…..Without a Kiln, you will have no Pottery.    Once you created your Pottery pot, your Pottery will then stand on the shelf for 2-3 weeks to air dry, before going into the Kiln for the firing process.
The first firing is called a Bisque Firing where your Pottery changes properties from soil to stone.  Once your Pottery has been Bisque Fired, your Pottery will then be ready to be Glazed.   Once your Pottery has been glazed, your pots will then go into the Kiln for a second firing, called a Glaze Firing.   Once your Pottery has undergone this process, your pots will then be ready to take home.

Contact Brenda with any questions you may have.

Pottery drying

Pots at the Pottery Shed drying

The Glazing Station at The Pottery Shed

Pottery studio Bristol

The Pottery Shed is spacious and an enjoyable place to make pottery

Pottery Shed

The Pottery Shed is well organised and has everything you will need to create your own unique pieces of Ceramics

Pottery Shed Bristol

Pots at The Pottery Shed drying a little before getting covered – These pots still need to be ‘turned’

Pottery wheels

At the Pottery Shed there are 5 Potter’s Wheels